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work on ~

in black velvet 
bleached patterns
also known as: creating light

The creative process

Bleaching black velvet with chlorine solutions at different strengths is the basis of these works of art. Some of them have a golden yellow or

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sometimes red effect lighting up from the dark background. Creating light in darkness is achieved in the literal and practical sense of the word. 

Chemical process
However, one drawback of this process is that the chemical reaction between chlorine and velvet cannot be stopped. The chlorine in the velvet continues to act on it very slowly when exposed to light or humidity and would eventually discolour it by creating spots and blotches.


Advanced technology
To overcome this problem, the process has been virtualised, while preserving the specific character of the bleached image. The original work of art is copied digitally, thereafter processed and then applied to the velvet with the most advanced spray painting technique. This creates the permanent image. Each work is part of a limited edition, and is numbered and signed by the artist.



...The breathtaking light effects of these works are created by a time-consuming, complex and clever technique of chemicals applied to black velvet…

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...more important than the technique is the ultimate result. Utterly beautiful images of bewitching light coming up from the velvety darkness and creating an ethereal atmosphere, comparable to the experience of entering a holy place where daylight filters through stain glass windows and sparkling rays of sunlight dance on mosaic floors…


...These works are intimate, contemplative and inspire peacefulness and refer to mystical and religious perceptions. The magic of golden light is captured and preserved via a unique and durable process…


Wim van der Beek  Glamorous velvet light from darkness  
De Stentor, 04-03-08