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Window film as guardian of privacy

They can still be found in old mansions: interior doors with elegantly shaped, Jugendstil decorations in frosted glass. Although you cannot

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entirely see through, you get a glimpse of the world behind. Lace curtains and plants have a similar effect, letting in the light while also protecting privacy. 


An Original Pattern Screen is a modern form of filter between the inner and outer world. 


Looking through a normal window is a one-dimensional experience: everything is directly visible, with clear glass functioning purely as a physical barrier. What you see is what you get. By contrast, pattern screens are semitransparent window films developed by Bert Vredegoor: when an Original Pattern Screen is placed between the public and private domains the world gains mystery on both sides.



Only when the view is partially obscured is a tension created between ‘here’ and ‘there’. You discern something on the other side but can’t see it clearly. Obstructing the visible access evokes curiosity and provides privacy at the same time. It enhances the experience of an inner world. 



Pattern screens arose directly from the latticeworks of Bert Vredegoor, inspired by his fascination with religious architecture and architectural rhythm.


It is remarkable that all these patterns are developed from just one simple motif. Yet lively patterns which evoke diverse and sometimes exotic or religious associations emerge within that grid. Original Pattern Screens with names such as In Private or Secrecy or My Precious each have their own distinctive character. 




Practical information

The key point about pattern screens is their practical application, as some separation of the private and public domains is desirable in countless situations. But as each situation is different, Original Pattern Screens are designed exclusively in commission.

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First, on the basis of location photos, an artist’s impression is made. Following agreement with the client, a precise drawing is used to create the digitally cut window film. The pattern is then carefully peeled off and using an application film placed in the desired position.


Pattern screens can be produced in every imaginable format. Which pattern is appropriate depends on the situation and what the client has in mind, but an Original Pattern Screen is always made-to-measure and unique.